MITSOM College has one of the finest Management and I.T. education infrastructures in the country. Some distinctive features of the MITSOM College Campus include:

  • Well equipped and automated library with linkage to online journals [EBSCO]
  • Distinctly defined study areas within the library
  • State-of-the-Art computer lab with the latest software
  • Well appointed lecture halls
  • Fully functional staff rooms
  • Full-fledged cafeteria
  • Relaxation rooms for students

Computer Lab

MITSOM College houses a centrally air-conditioned computer laboratory with 150 Intel i3/i5 processor dedicated workstations networked with two servers. Students have a 24-hour free Internet access. In addition to this, the e-campus at MIT Pune, with 800 computers, is directly linked with the MITSOM College network with a dedicated lease line internet connection with a bandwidth of 12 MBPS.

MITSOM College has two dedicated servers loaded with various softwares like Oracle, Visual Studio, Advanced Java, Page Maker, Corel Draw, Linux etc which are accessible from all work stations. Qualified lab assistants are readily available to guide and instruct students.


Cafeteria/Relaxation Room

A full-fledged cafeteria is available at the campus. In addition, a relaxation room is also provided to the students within the MITSOM College building itself where tea, coffee, snacks, soft drinks etc are available. Multimedia facilities are also made available in the relaxation room. Provision of news channels and educational and documentary films facilitate students to relax and garner some useful information during scheduled breaks.


About Library

MITSOM College Library has a collection of 7950 books of BBA, BBA (CA), BBA (IB) & MCA Commerce. It subscribes to over 43 National and International journals/magazines. The Library also has collection of CD’s, DVD’s, Audio/Video Cassettes. MITSOM college students also have an access of MITSOM Library, MITSOB Library, MACS College Library, Pune University’s Jaykar Library Pune. Library is fully computerized & automated. It uses software called “SLIM 21st” for various Library related work. The software provides OPAC facility which provides full information regarding books issued/returned/journals/CDs/DVDs etc. Library provides Internet Access and Online Database such as EBSCO during library hours. Library is member of Information Library Network and having membership of N-List programme which contains e-resources over 6000 e-journals and 97,000 e-books.

  • Monday to Friday - 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
  • Saturday - 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
  • Lunch Break - 1.00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m
Library Staff
  • Mr.Shrikant W.Ramteke - Librarian
  • Mr.Amol K.Salunkhe - Asst.Librarian
  • Mr.Sudam S.Bobade - Library Asst.
  • Mr.Sham Swami - Attendant
  • Mr.Dinesh Ombase - Peon
  • Total Number of Books - 7950
  • Total Number of Titles - 1799
  • National - 28
  • International - 15
  • Total Number of News Papers - 11
  • Total Number of CD's - 42
  • Total Number of Magazines/Journals/Periodicals - 43
  • Total Number of Project Reports - 250
  • Database EBSCO (Shared Basis) - 1
  • Library Network (INFLIBNET) - 1
  • Database MITCOE (Shared Basis) - 11
  • Jaykar Library Membership - 1
  • Total Number of CD's - 10
  • Library Software (Slim 21st ) - 1
Open Access journal database (Free online)

2. (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta)
3. (Palgrave Macmillan Organizational Management Articles)
4. (Journal of Management Education Sage Pub.)
5. (International Journal of Management Reviews)
6. (Open Access Journals)


MITSOM College library web OPAC link