Student Council

student council

Students Council 2016 – 2017 (List of Representatives)

MAEER’s MITSOM College, Pune.


Date: 19th August, 2016

All the following Staff Members and Students of MAEER’s MITSOM College are hereby informed that they are nominated by the college as the Representative of the respective areas at the Students Council 2016 – 2017.

Sr. No. Name Designation Post in the Council
01 Dr. R. M. Chitnis Principal Chairman
02 Mrs.Sudeepta Banerjee Asst. Professor Lecturer nominated by Principal
03 Mr. SadanandBorse Asst. Professor N.S.S. Programme Officer
04 ShubhankarKatakwar Student F.Y.B.B.A.

Student engaged in Fulltime Studies and shown Academic Merit at the Preceding Year Examination from the College nominated by the Principal.

05 Aditya Gholap Student S.Y.B.B.A.
06 KunalRewatkar Student T.Y.B.B.A.
07 Pratik Kulkarni Student F.Y.B.B.A.(C.A.)
08 RenukaPatil Student S.Y. B.C.A.
09 Samanta Saini Student T.Y. B.C.A.
10 AnushreeGattani Student F.Y.B.B.A.-I.B.
11 Rashisunil Mehta Student S.Y.B.B.M-I.B.
12 Riddhi Kadam Student T.Y.B.B.M.-I.B.
13 Suraj Kumar Student S.Y.M.C.A.
14 Anjana Singh Student T.Y.M.C.A.
15 Mr. SachinShinde Director, Sports &Phy. Edu. Director, Sports &Phy. Edu.
16 Pooja Dhopeshwar Sports Representative

Student nominated by the Principal, who has shown outstanding performance in respective activities.

17 Rahul Ranjan N.S.S. and Adult Education Representative
18 SumantNaik N.C.C. Representative
19 Debodeep Banerjee Cultural Activities Representative
20 Gayatri Varma Student T.YB.B.A
21 Shreya Keni Student S.Y.M.C.A. Lady Students nominated by the Principal

Dr. R.M. Chitnis,
MITSOM College, Pune.

Election of General Secretary 2016 - 2017

MAEER’s MITSOM College, Pune. 
Students Council 2016 – 2017
Election of the General Secretary Report

Date : 19th August, 2016

As per the guidelines prescribed by the University of Pune and with due permission from the Hon. Principal Dr. R.M. Chitnis Sir, the Students Council for the academic year 2016 - 2017 was formed. Accordingly the same was informed to the members of the Students Council with the details about the election of the General Secretary (G.S.)

The election of the General Secretary was conducted on Monday, 19 th August, 2016  at Room No. 302 at 1.00 Noon under the Chairmanship of Hon. Principal Dr. R. M. Chitnis sir. Sharp at 1.00 NOON G.S. Election Meeting was started, as all the members were present. Hon. Chairman Principal Dr. R.M. Chitnis Sir welcomes all the other members of the Students Council, Mr. L.H. Badime, Deputy. Registrar and faculty members present for the Election Meeting. In brief he had given the information about the working and responsibilities of the Students Council.

Then Prof. Prasad Pathak took the charge of the dais for explaining and conducting the actual working of the election for G.S. Hon. Principal Dr. R.M. Chitnis sir Motivated students with his words of wisdom. Prof. Pathak made an appeal to the students for nominating oneself for contesting the election for the post of G.S. Among the student members present on that day, five students’ Debodeep Banerjee, Kunal Rewatkar, Gaytri Verma, Shreya Keni, Riddhi Kadam cameup  as 1st , 2nd, and 3rd 4th , 5th   contestant.

After the election the result was very clear. Hon. Principal Dr. R. M. Chitnis sir announced Debodeep Banerjee as the General Secretary 2016- 2017, with an expectation that all the members will work in a team for the betterment of the college. He congratulated the newly elected G.S. Debodeep Banerjee in his speech thanked all the members for their support and expected the same support from all. The meeting was concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Sudeepta Banerjee.

The official process of forwarding the details of the newly elected G.S. to the Director, Board of Students Welfare, and University of Pune was done on the same day.